Environmental Health

hereenvironmental health

The mission of the Environmental Health Division is to protect human health and the environment through the prevention of disease, injury, and illness by the promotion of scientific evidence-based practices and education.  We also work with public facilities to ensure safe food, water, daycares, and swimming pools. Each year, over 400 facilities are inspected for health and safety and over 2,000 water samples are tested for contamination. Education is provided on a wide variety of environmental issues/concerns.

  • SWDHU lab certification can be downloaded/viewed here.
  • For your convenience, the Restaurant License Application can be downloaded here

Services provided are:

  • Abandoned Automobile Program

  • General Environmental Health Education & Information

  • In-Home Health & Safety Investigations

  • Institution Inspections

  • Mosquito Trapping/West Nile Virus Education/Information

  • Non-community Public Water Supply Inspections

  • Nuisance Complaint Investigations


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