Tobacco Prevention and Control

Assisting & promoting tobacco free lives

         cessation       promotion of smoke-free environments        prevention      public education

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We work with schools, businesses, hospitals, and community groups to develop tobacco-free policies.

We partner with youth and young adult programs to prevent the initiation of tobacco use, through education.

Providing tobacco cessation services to those ready to quit tobacco. One-to-one counseling/coaching sessions and 1-month free bridge Nicotine Replacement Therapies. Offering the NDQuits services as well with 2 additional months free of the Nicotine Replacement Therapies.

Providing Tobacco Treatment and counseling support specific to a pregnant woman. Through this, we screen for tobacco use, offer practical incentives and monitor success. The Maternal Tobacco Program at the Southwestern District Health Unit is designed to see women in the office for 5 visits before delivery.

With our presentations, we have education on the different tobacco products and how they affects your body. We will go over how they can access our services and what a session would look like when they make an appointment. We also go over how the policies affect them in their area they live in regards to tobacco prevention and smoke-free living.

The Behavioral Health Coalition meets monthly.

To contact Tobacco Prevention and Control please call (701) 483-3760 or email or